Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gift Giving!

Happy Boxing Day!!

Wishing all my readers a special day filled with fun, family, cheer and holiday joy!!

Hope you all had a safe and beautiful Christmas Day!! 
Gift Plate // $1.99
Thrifted from: Value Village

Sharing and giving to others is exactly what this holly jolly holiday is all about! Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don't cost a fortune but instead come from the heart 

Found this beautiful Christmas plate at the thrift store & decided to use it to create a yummy platter of homemade ginger cookies to gift to a relatives that drop by for a traditional Boxing Day visit!

This plate was decorated with a cute festive message... 

"This plate will keep on giving with a little help from you.. Enjoy these treats and fill the plate and give it to someone new!"

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tis' the Season!

Happy Holidays!!

This time of the year is always my favourite! Although I'm a big fan of warm weather and swimming pools, I just can't help but get wrapped up in all the festive cheer and holly jolly Christmas tunes!

One of the best things about the winter season is all the cozy, oversized layers that this weather calls for! This time of the year, thrift stores are busting at the seams with season-friendly sweaters in every size and shade imaginable! 
Even though many of us drop by these thrifty locations in search of the classic "ugly" Christmas sweater to dawn to this year's holiday bash... Hidden among these tacky fashion atrocities are some super cute, ultra comfy knits that will keep you comfy and chic this season! 

My thrifting adventure this week was dedicated to strictly picking up last minute items to wrap up my Christmas shopping, like Christmas tins for homemade treats & old stockings to wrap up wine bottles. However, my addiction to all things knit is what lead me get sidetracked and before I knew it I was browsing through the seasonal sweater rack, where I found these two groovy pieces! 
 You can never have to many beige sweaters! I loved the pattern down the front on this sweater and I loved how it was carried halfway down the sleeves as well. Considering the sweater is two sizes too big, it is surprisingly fitted and looks fabulous of a good pair of skinny jeans!

I don't have many items in my closet that are red and I definitely do not own anything with snowflakes on it! Two good reasons to justify the purchase of this sweater! Plus it is not every day that you thrift white sweaters that are still white!
Knit Sweater // $3.99 - 5.99
Thrifted from: Talize

Drop by your local thrift shop and take a look at the large assortment of Christmas sweaters! If the last thing you need in your winter wardrobe is another sweater - grab a few that you never wear and consider donating them! 

Tis' the season :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Insta - Thrift!

Happy Saturday!
Ever since I discovered the Instagram app, I've been compulsively addicted to taking pictures of everything and anything that inspires me or simply makes me smile :)

Here's some snap shots from over the past few months - strictly thrifted!

For more fun photos don't forgot to follow me on Instagram! 
Gucci Purse ~ every gal needs at least one oversized tote! Swooned over this find!
 Neck Rest Pillow ~ travel in comfort & in style!
Keychain Candy ~ For my love of cute animals, four leaf clovers & turquoise :)
Silk Tank ~ Zebra print pattern & pretty pleats!
Scarf ~ My all time favourite print! A pop of leopard in a scarf, belt 
or cute pair of flats instantly adds jazz to any outfit!
Colourful, Asian-Inspired Vases ~ getting my Feng Shui on!

It's been such a busy past few weeks for me & I am certain many of you can relate! With Christmas around the corner and the year coming to an end - there seems to be tons of loose ends to tie up.

 I started Christmas shopping the other day and slowly checking names off my list one by one sure feels good! I am beyond exciting to announce that by the end of the week I will officially be a college graduate - woohoo!! I do promise that as soon as I reclaim my life back I will be back at it hard, making time to visit my favorite thrift shops and sharing my fun finds with all of you beautiful people!

Thanks Everyone ~ Have a wonderful weekend! xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thrifting At A Glance!

Here's a collection of some of this month's past posts as well as a few of my all time favourites pieces that I've thrifted within the last year!

There's nothing more exciting than connecting with people who share in my love of second-hand shopping and the possibility of recruiting other fellow thrift-addicts!

This blog has provided me with a beautiful opportunity to showcase my thrifty style and share my love of thrift with each of you! 

To all the friends and fans of Thrifting Is Therapy, thank you kindly for your readership & support! Your comments, shares and Facebook Likes mean the world to me!

Wishing you all a very blessed Sunday! Thrift Happy 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

That 70's Thrift!

I found this retro button-up shirt at the thrift shop the other day and instantly fell in love with the easy-breezy fabric, the extra long length and the groovy pattern of orange and blue circles and squares.

Both the style and the fabric have a very 1970's vibe to it, perfect for someone like myself who sometimes feels as though I was meant to be born in a such an era!

I recently paired the shirt with a pair of dark wash Lucky Brand skinny jeans (also thrifted) & a cute gold side purse which I felt was a nice compliment to the tiny gold buttons that line the front of the shirt. 

For me, clothes and personal style are all about the little details that make things different and unique!
Shirt // $5.99 Jeans // $9.99  Purse // $2.99
Thrifted from: Talize & Chez Nous

Monday, 12 November 2012

Organizing Made Easy... & Cheap!

Here's a couple of quick photos of some thrift stores items I picked up over the weekend. For me staying organized is key and I love finding chic and convenient ways to organize, store and keep things clutter-free!
wicker basket // $0.99

porcelain tulips // $0.69 each

In five minutes and for under three dollars I was able to spruce up my bathroom - the magic of thrift!

Who doesn't like a good DIY - for more cool do-it-yourself projects visit my Pinterest page!
Thanks for visiting ~ Have a nice week!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lucky Bamboo For You – Thrift Store Style

One of my favorite departments to venture through, regardless of the thrift store I am visiting, is always the home d├ęcor section! You know, those  few aisles in every thrift stores that are either strategically placed right near the entrance forcing you to pass through, or hidden away in the back since it is often were oversized items like furniture and appliances hang out…

These few aisles always seem to remind me of an I Spy book & I love exploring them and searching the shelves for cool & quirky items, picture frames, candle holders… oh, and not to mention vases!

I’m a big fan of plants, flowers and pretty much anything green and I am always looking for fun ways to bring life from the outside indoors. Especially during the winter months when I can’t get outside as often and the green grass, is well, nonexistent! 

It is so easy and incredibly cheap to find beautiful ceramic and glass vases in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours! Not only is it an affordable way to decorate any space but it allows you to get creative and find funs ways to fill them!

Over the past few months, I have thrifted quite a collection of glass vases and I wanted to share with you how easy it was to turn these empty jars into bamboo centerpieces that are sure to add a little life & luck into any living space.

After thoroughly cleaning each glass vase I decided which pieces of bamboo I would use depending on the height of the jar & which base I would use to fill the vase. I used a variety of materials: glass stones, aquarium gravel and an assortment of polished rocks and pebbles.

 It was very quick and simple to assemble, plus it is easy to maintain and will bring life to any room for a long time. Lucky bamboo plants do not require soil to live and simply survive off a few inches of fresh water. 

Top up the water in your lucky bamboo every week and ensure that the roots of the plants are always moist. Keep them out of direct sunlight, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms and ta da- it’s that easy!

 These few arrangements are very simple ones & keep in mind you can make larger and more elaborate ones just as easily!  So get out there and get inspired! Not only can thrift store finds jazz up your own home, they can be used to make fabulous gifts as well! Tis’ the season to be giving!

Assorted Glass Vases // $0.69 - $2.99
Thrifted from a variety of thrift shops!

Have a safe & stylish weekend! Happy Thrifting! 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekend Thrift

I hope all of you had a nice relaxing weekend! 
Although we usually pack these short few days with mile-long lists of things we never seem to get around to do during the week... every once in a while it is important for us to remind ourselves to squeeze some personal time into our hectic schedules. 
Ralph Lauren // $7.99
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

Every weekend I try to escape from the hustle n' bustle of things, even if only momentarily, by slipping into a thrift store or two and giving myself that much deserved "me" time. Whether you find your escape in a thrift store, through a good book, feet up in front of your television or in the company of a true friend - give yourself time to enjoy the things that make you happy!

Found this beautifully soft, pastel pink cashmere sweater on my weekend thrift! Believe it or not, it wasn't the cute colour, perfect fit or the super soft material that sold me on this piece... I fell in love with the sleeves! I know it's sounds absurd but its true, I couldn't resist the balloon sleeve, finished with four little pearl-like buttons decorated with the classic RL logo. I don't currently own any shirts with this  type of silhouette, so after a quick visit to the change room this was an automatic "yes"!

I picked up a few other items on my visit including a little black dress with a fitted waist and high collar and a cream canvas tote, perfect for those day trips to the beach! Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest to see lots more items from my thrift store hauls!

Thanks for visiting ~ Happy thrifting!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

Double, double, toil & trouble... Hallow's Eve has finally arrived!

The one night of the year where for once you're actually encouraged to be someone other than yourself and to indulge in as many sweet treats as possible... too bad this wonderfully wicked night only happens once a year!

I'm curious to find out all the nifty, thrifty costumes everyone has planned for this year - I'd love for you all to visit my social sites and share your ideas & photos!

Wishing all my readers a safe and spooky Hallowe'en!! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Teacup Tuesday

Teacup // $1.99
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

The cold and crummy weather has taken my tea addiction to a whole new level. I find myself consuming it non-stop just in an attempt to kill the chill. 

I picked up this cute teacup on a recent travel to the thrift store although I wasn't on the hunt this item or anything like it for that matter. I really like how light weight it is and how it adds a pop of colour to any gloomy day.

As for the wet & chilly weather that is still to come, I figure I'll embrace it by taking the opportunity to stay inside where it's warm and thrift!

 Have a wonderful week! Happy Thrifting! 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Molly Marine

If you're an avid thrifter like myself then you know that the number one rule to thrifting is, "to keep an open mind!" If you anticipate to pick up carbon-copies of the latest trends or have a specific garment in mind, not only will you often leave empty-handed but you'll also walk out disappointed!

Now don't get me wrong! That doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have a little mental wish-list of special items that you search for each and every time you enter a thrift store... as long a you are just as content when they don't turn up. 

Just like many challenges in life, patience is key! I will often spend loads of time combing through thrift stores to leave with nothing other then an empty shopping bag and sore feet - but never discouraged! 

After months of searching and many repeat visits, I am excited to say I can finally crossed one of those selective items off my wish list - check!  

 no name // $9.99
Thrifted from: As We Grow

Beyond excited with this military-inspired jacket I thrifted yesterday while on one of my hopeful missions down the jacket aisle... secretly pretending I wasn't looking for this very thing! 

In the perfect shade of green, not only does this jacket have tons of great pockets in all the right places but it's an ideal length and fits like a glove, taboot!

My only complaint would be that it has no hood, but at such at a low price-point a girl can't have everything she wants!

I am excited to pair this jacket with yellow or coral since I love the contrast of the colours! With the fall weather in the air, this find couldn't have come at a better time!

Happy Tuesday ~ Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Guilty Pleasure

If I allowed myself to give into the temptation to thrift each and every time an had an itch to do so, I'd be drowning in second-hand apparel and accessories and... well I'd be broke! 

However, when I find that my urge to thrift is supported by that intuitive feeling that screams "you'll be sorry you didn't go", I usually cave and stop in for a quick visit!

Lesson of the day: Always trust a (thrfiting) women's intuition!

Purse // $5.99 Sunglasses // $1.99 Elephant // $2.00
Thrifted from: Value Village

Found a little bit of everything I love on today's thrifting haul, which was very exciting since there really is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses, side purses or good luck elephants! 

I love the tweed-like material of this vintage Italian purse and the delicate gold detailing in the toggle clasps added the perfect amount of elegance to it. 

Picked up these Ray-Ban inspired sunnies, which are quite groovy considering they are probably older than me. After a serious cleaning they were good as gold!

Brass elephant with its trunk up! Lucky Me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend ~ Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Business Casual on a Budget

This is a very exciting time for me in my life right now as I am finally about to graduate college and make that transition into the working world. A few short weeks ago I began my final semester, and life has been filled with many changes and exciting opportunities ever since.

Over a month ago I began an internship at a truly wonderful company - and have discovered already what a valuable experience it can be.

Special thanks Uncle Louis and everyone at Konica Minolta for providing me with such a great experience - you're all so wonderful!

For any of you readers who are currently interns, or will be in the near future, my friendly words of advice to you are to…  Go Big! Remember to put yourself out there and to try everything at least once. Always be proactive, take initiative and dream big! You owe it to yourself to set no limits!

I'm also thrilled to have the chance to use my blog as a way to share with you ways in which thrifting can help you look chic and professional for your internship, or for any other event that calls for 'business casual' attire!

Sweater // $6.99 Dress // $8.99 Scarf // $2.00  Heels // $9.99
Necklace // $1.99

Blazer // $7.99  Short sleeve shirt // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99 Heels // $9.99 Necklace // $3.50

Jacket // $11.99  Tank top // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99  Ballet Flats // $5.00

All of the items in the outfits above were thrifted from local thrift shops and each outfit is under $50! 

Thrift Smart: Checking thrift stores when on the hunt to create a business-friendly wardrobe, is a great place to start. Why? Quite often it's the first type of clothing people tend to donate. Thrift stores are filled with collared shirts, button-up blouses, formal slacks and fitted blazers. Scour the racks and see what is available before you go and drop big bucks on expensive suits and shirts.  

Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving !!

I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

I hope you all had a great long weekend, filled with friends, family, love, laughs & delicious food!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather & give thanks!!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good Luck Under A Buck

Porcelain Elephant // $0.99

Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating and unbelievable of all animals also happens to be the largest of all living land mammals ~ better known as the African elephant. 

There are two main species of elephants that inhabit our planet: the Asian elephant and the African elephant and for centuries these gentle giants have been admired for their sheer size and surprisingly bright intelligence. 

With the largest brain of any mammal in the animal kingdom, weighing in at 5 kg, elephants are capable of quickly learning new task and behaviours, developing the ability to use tools and can even express complex emotions such as joy, anger, grief, compassion and sadness. 

An elephant's most useful tool is it's trunk, with over 100,000 muscles an elephant's trunk is incredibly strong, yet remarkably precise. An elephant's trunk can be used as a shower, a fly swatter, or a snorkel and will often be used to pull out trees, pick up tiny objects, drink, shower, comfort a friend and even paint pictures!  

More Reasons To Love Elephants...

~ Self-Awareness: Elephants are one of the only species in the animal kingdom that recognize the reflection of themselves in a mirror!

~ Gentle Giants: Elephants are known to be altruistic in nature, putting them self at risk to help another elephant or other animal, even a person in some cases, escape danger!   

~ Build in Air Conditioners: An elephants large ears act as useful fans to help keep them cool and regulate their body temperature!

~ Good Fortune: For centuries elephants have been associated with good luck, prosperity & wisdom!


For years I have been collecting elephants, and I get especially excited when I find ones with their trunks pointed up!

I was happy when I found this guy while thrifting, my ounce of good luck for the day :) 

Thrift Smart: Thrift stores offer unique opportunities for collectors to find long lost pieces to add to their collections!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Soft Finds for Fall

Aerie // $3.99   Zara // $5.49
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

I visited one of my favourite thrift destinations today, Talize, a popular thrift store that is well known for their clean atmosphere and customer-friendly thrift experience! 

They have basically removed every undesirable aspect about shopping at thrift stores!

The store is divided into different departments: children's, women's, men's, home, electronics, ect... 
From there each department is organized into categories such as pants, skirts, short-sleeve blouses, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, you name it! Clearly labelled and easy to find!

To top it all off, each category is organized into each size: XS, S, M, L, XL and to go one step further they have even colour-corrodinated everything. Really, what more could you ask for? One step further and you'd find yourself in an actual department store.

You can only imagine my candid delight when I am able to waltz into a thrift store and easily locate just what I am hoping to find: nude sweaters, in exactly my size! I live for all things soft n' sheer and was so happy to add this knitted sweater and cashmere shirt to my fall collection. Yes, that's right... I said cashmere :) 

If you haven't visit Talize, I highly recommend you stop by and check it out! Especially if the reason you avoid thrift stores in the first place is because you just don't have a chance in hell at finding anything that fits you!

Check it out, you can thank me later!
For information visit:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Red Hot Find

Genuine Leather // $4.99
Thrifted from: The Salvation Army - Thrift Shop

Ruby Red. Suede Leather. Brand New... Need I say more! 

Tried my luck at a shop I had been foolishly avoiding for years... and on my first visit I swoooned over this groovy side purse!

Thrift Smart: Yet again the saying holds true - never judge a book by the cover! The same can be said about thrift stores. You must go inside and check each one out before deciding that the dilapidated exterior and remote location  are not worth a return visit.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Real Deal

Gucci purse // $10
Thrifted from: Chez Nous 

In mint condition, this chocolate brown, over-the-shoulder number is the perfect example of what you can find in a thrift store with a little persistence and an ounce of wishful thinking! 

 Not to mention... large enough to fit all my necessities & small enough to fit delicately under my arm. 
Practical and chic!

I literally jumped with joy when I found her tucked away underneath some randomly discarded goodies... my diamond in the rough!

Thrift Smart: Don't hesitate! If you see something you like, don't think twice! With dozens of trendy thrifters out there and the rate at which most thrifts shops update their racks, chances are you won't find the same thing the second time around. Worst case scenario, you wear it until the love fades and turn around and give back - donate!

Once Upon A Thrift

One's trash is another's treasure! 

An old saying, with a relevant meaning. Now a days, the tried and true expression may just have more relevance than ever before... given today's tough economy, getting more bang for your buck just makes plain "cents"! Sure, you can cut coupons or spend your days pinching pennies, but the real answer lies tucked away in an old attic or vintage storefront, just waiting to be discovered!

Let me start by saying that being a student has two sides to it! On the one hand, it's often a life changing experience that allows room for personal and professional growth and opens many windows of opportunity! Sounds perfect, right? Until the dreadful reality of watching your bank account slowly wither away sets in! Alas, nothing great can be achieved without unwarranted sacrifice. With that in mind I was willing to make some compromises in order to afford to shoot for the stars, but com'on now... could things such as my wardrobe really afford to suffer?? This type of dilemma called for some immediate action!

Several months ago in search of a solution to help me to balance my budget, while continuing to fuel my passion for all things fashion, I stumbled in the wonderful world of thrifting! Now I know what some of you are thinking... or should I say picturing! Erase that image of a dingy, musk-smelling black hole from your mind right now - thrift stores have come a long way! How might you ask can a girl easily go from designer duds and expensive accessories to adopting second-hand style? Simple. All it takes is a little patience and a good eye! 

I created this blog for fashionistas and bargain-hunters alike & as a way for me to showcase all of the special treasures that I find on my adventures. I hope this blog will inspire people just like yourself to get out there and explore... you never know what you'll find until you look! You never know how much you're paying until you realize what you've saved! 

All the world needs is more peace, love and people who live to thrift :) Enjoy your visit!