Sunday, 14 October 2012

Business Casual on a Budget

This is a very exciting time for me in my life right now as I am finally about to graduate college and make that transition into the working world. A few short weeks ago I began my final semester, and life has been filled with many changes and exciting opportunities ever since.

Over a month ago I began an internship at a truly wonderful company - and have discovered already what a valuable experience it can be.

Special thanks Uncle Louis and everyone at Konica Minolta for providing me with such a great experience - you're all so wonderful!

For any of you readers who are currently interns, or will be in the near future, my friendly words of advice to you are to…  Go Big! Remember to put yourself out there and to try everything at least once. Always be proactive, take initiative and dream big! You owe it to yourself to set no limits!

I'm also thrilled to have the chance to use my blog as a way to share with you ways in which thrifting can help you look chic and professional for your internship, or for any other event that calls for 'business casual' attire!

Sweater // $6.99 Dress // $8.99 Scarf // $2.00  Heels // $9.99
Necklace // $1.99

Blazer // $7.99  Short sleeve shirt // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99 Heels // $9.99 Necklace // $3.50

Jacket // $11.99  Tank top // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99  Ballet Flats // $5.00

All of the items in the outfits above were thrifted from local thrift shops and each outfit is under $50! 

Thrift Smart: Checking thrift stores when on the hunt to create a business-friendly wardrobe, is a great place to start. Why? Quite often it's the first type of clothing people tend to donate. Thrift stores are filled with collared shirts, button-up blouses, formal slacks and fitted blazers. Scour the racks and see what is available before you go and drop big bucks on expensive suits and shirts.  

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