Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Molly Marine

If you're an avid thrifter like myself then you know that the number one rule to thrifting is, "to keep an open mind!" If you anticipate to pick up carbon-copies of the latest trends or have a specific garment in mind, not only will you often leave empty-handed but you'll also walk out disappointed!

Now don't get me wrong! That doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have a little mental wish-list of special items that you search for each and every time you enter a thrift store... as long a you are just as content when they don't turn up. 

Just like many challenges in life, patience is key! I will often spend loads of time combing through thrift stores to leave with nothing other then an empty shopping bag and sore feet - but never discouraged! 

After months of searching and many repeat visits, I am excited to say I can finally crossed one of those selective items off my wish list - check!  

 no name // $9.99
Thrifted from: As We Grow

Beyond excited with this military-inspired jacket I thrifted yesterday while on one of my hopeful missions down the jacket aisle... secretly pretending I wasn't looking for this very thing! 

In the perfect shade of green, not only does this jacket have tons of great pockets in all the right places but it's an ideal length and fits like a glove, taboot!

My only complaint would be that it has no hood, but at such at a low price-point a girl can't have everything she wants!

I am excited to pair this jacket with yellow or coral since I love the contrast of the colours! With the fall weather in the air, this find couldn't have come at a better time!

Happy Tuesday ~ Thanks for visiting!

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