Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good Luck Under A Buck

Porcelain Elephant // $0.99

Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating and unbelievable of all animals also happens to be the largest of all living land mammals ~ better known as the African elephant. 

There are two main species of elephants that inhabit our planet: the Asian elephant and the African elephant and for centuries these gentle giants have been admired for their sheer size and surprisingly bright intelligence. 

With the largest brain of any mammal in the animal kingdom, weighing in at 5 kg, elephants are capable of quickly learning new task and behaviours, developing the ability to use tools and can even express complex emotions such as joy, anger, grief, compassion and sadness. 

An elephant's most useful tool is it's trunk, with over 100,000 muscles an elephant's trunk is incredibly strong, yet remarkably precise. An elephant's trunk can be used as a shower, a fly swatter, or a snorkel and will often be used to pull out trees, pick up tiny objects, drink, shower, comfort a friend and even paint pictures!  

More Reasons To Love Elephants...

~ Self-Awareness: Elephants are one of the only species in the animal kingdom that recognize the reflection of themselves in a mirror!

~ Gentle Giants: Elephants are known to be altruistic in nature, putting them self at risk to help another elephant or other animal, even a person in some cases, escape danger!   

~ Build in Air Conditioners: An elephants large ears act as useful fans to help keep them cool and regulate their body temperature!

~ Good Fortune: For centuries elephants have been associated with good luck, prosperity & wisdom!


For years I have been collecting elephants, and I get especially excited when I find ones with their trunks pointed up!

I was happy when I found this guy while thrifting, my ounce of good luck for the day :) 

Thrift Smart: Thrift stores offer unique opportunities for collectors to find long lost pieces to add to their collections!

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