Thrift Smart

v Don't hesitate! If you see something you like, don't think twice! With dozens of trendy thrifters out there and the rate at which most thrifts shops update their racks, chances are you won't find the same thing the second time around.

v Yet again the saying holds true - never judge a book by the cover! The same can be said about thrift stores. You must go inside and check each one out before deciding that the dilapidated exterior and remote location  are not worth a return visit.

v Thrift stores offer unique opportunities for collectors to find long lost pieces to add to their collections!

v Leave your expectations at the door - thrift with an open mind!

v Whenever possible, try things on! Even things you wouldn't usually put in your shopping cart - Thrifting is all about experimenting with out-of-the-ordinary! 

v Following the latest fashion trends? Always scour thrift stores and second-hand shops first before dropping department store dollars. Even if you can't find exactly what your heart desires... thrifting makes it surprisingly easy, and cheap to improvise.

v Thrift stores have a constant influx of new products weekly, sometimes even daily! So search well and search often!

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