Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lucky Bamboo For You – Thrift Store Style

One of my favorite departments to venture through, regardless of the thrift store I am visiting, is always the home décor section! You know, those  few aisles in every thrift stores that are either strategically placed right near the entrance forcing you to pass through, or hidden away in the back since it is often were oversized items like furniture and appliances hang out…

These few aisles always seem to remind me of an I Spy book & I love exploring them and searching the shelves for cool & quirky items, picture frames, candle holders… oh, and not to mention vases!

I’m a big fan of plants, flowers and pretty much anything green and I am always looking for fun ways to bring life from the outside indoors. Especially during the winter months when I can’t get outside as often and the green grass, is well, nonexistent! 

It is so easy and incredibly cheap to find beautiful ceramic and glass vases in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours! Not only is it an affordable way to decorate any space but it allows you to get creative and find funs ways to fill them!

Over the past few months, I have thrifted quite a collection of glass vases and I wanted to share with you how easy it was to turn these empty jars into bamboo centerpieces that are sure to add a little life & luck into any living space.

After thoroughly cleaning each glass vase I decided which pieces of bamboo I would use depending on the height of the jar & which base I would use to fill the vase. I used a variety of materials: glass stones, aquarium gravel and an assortment of polished rocks and pebbles.

 It was very quick and simple to assemble, plus it is easy to maintain and will bring life to any room for a long time. Lucky bamboo plants do not require soil to live and simply survive off a few inches of fresh water. 

Top up the water in your lucky bamboo every week and ensure that the roots of the plants are always moist. Keep them out of direct sunlight, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms and ta da- it’s that easy!

 These few arrangements are very simple ones & keep in mind you can make larger and more elaborate ones just as easily!  So get out there and get inspired! Not only can thrift store finds jazz up your own home, they can be used to make fabulous gifts as well! Tis’ the season to be giving!

Assorted Glass Vases // $0.69 - $2.99
Thrifted from a variety of thrift shops!

Have a safe & stylish weekend! Happy Thrifting! 

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  1. Love your ideas and photos.. thanks for sharing!