Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

Double, double, toil & trouble... Hallow's Eve has finally arrived!

The one night of the year where for once you're actually encouraged to be someone other than yourself and to indulge in as many sweet treats as possible... too bad this wonderfully wicked night only happens once a year!

I'm curious to find out all the nifty, thrifty costumes everyone has planned for this year - I'd love for you all to visit my social sites and share your ideas & photos!

Wishing all my readers a safe and spooky Hallowe'en!! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Teacup Tuesday

Teacup // $1.99
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

The cold and crummy weather has taken my tea addiction to a whole new level. I find myself consuming it non-stop just in an attempt to kill the chill. 

I picked up this cute teacup on a recent travel to the thrift store although I wasn't on the hunt this item or anything like it for that matter. I really like how light weight it is and how it adds a pop of colour to any gloomy day.

As for the wet & chilly weather that is still to come, I figure I'll embrace it by taking the opportunity to stay inside where it's warm and thrift!

 Have a wonderful week! Happy Thrifting! 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Molly Marine

If you're an avid thrifter like myself then you know that the number one rule to thrifting is, "to keep an open mind!" If you anticipate to pick up carbon-copies of the latest trends or have a specific garment in mind, not only will you often leave empty-handed but you'll also walk out disappointed!

Now don't get me wrong! That doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have a little mental wish-list of special items that you search for each and every time you enter a thrift store... as long a you are just as content when they don't turn up. 

Just like many challenges in life, patience is key! I will often spend loads of time combing through thrift stores to leave with nothing other then an empty shopping bag and sore feet - but never discouraged! 

After months of searching and many repeat visits, I am excited to say I can finally crossed one of those selective items off my wish list - check!  

 no name // $9.99
Thrifted from: As We Grow

Beyond excited with this military-inspired jacket I thrifted yesterday while on one of my hopeful missions down the jacket aisle... secretly pretending I wasn't looking for this very thing! 

In the perfect shade of green, not only does this jacket have tons of great pockets in all the right places but it's an ideal length and fits like a glove, taboot!

My only complaint would be that it has no hood, but at such at a low price-point a girl can't have everything she wants!

I am excited to pair this jacket with yellow or coral since I love the contrast of the colours! With the fall weather in the air, this find couldn't have come at a better time!

Happy Tuesday ~ Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Guilty Pleasure

If I allowed myself to give into the temptation to thrift each and every time an had an itch to do so, I'd be drowning in second-hand apparel and accessories and... well I'd be broke! 

However, when I find that my urge to thrift is supported by that intuitive feeling that screams "you'll be sorry you didn't go", I usually cave and stop in for a quick visit!

Lesson of the day: Always trust a (thrfiting) women's intuition!

Purse // $5.99 Sunglasses // $1.99 Elephant // $2.00
Thrifted from: Value Village

Found a little bit of everything I love on today's thrifting haul, which was very exciting since there really is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses, side purses or good luck elephants! 

I love the tweed-like material of this vintage Italian purse and the delicate gold detailing in the toggle clasps added the perfect amount of elegance to it. 

Picked up these Ray-Ban inspired sunnies, which are quite groovy considering they are probably older than me. After a serious cleaning they were good as gold!

Brass elephant with its trunk up! Lucky Me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend ~ Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Business Casual on a Budget

This is a very exciting time for me in my life right now as I am finally about to graduate college and make that transition into the working world. A few short weeks ago I began my final semester, and life has been filled with many changes and exciting opportunities ever since.

Over a month ago I began an internship at a truly wonderful company - and have discovered already what a valuable experience it can be.

Special thanks Uncle Louis and everyone at Konica Minolta for providing me with such a great experience - you're all so wonderful!

For any of you readers who are currently interns, or will be in the near future, my friendly words of advice to you are to…  Go Big! Remember to put yourself out there and to try everything at least once. Always be proactive, take initiative and dream big! You owe it to yourself to set no limits!

I'm also thrilled to have the chance to use my blog as a way to share with you ways in which thrifting can help you look chic and professional for your internship, or for any other event that calls for 'business casual' attire!

Sweater // $6.99 Dress // $8.99 Scarf // $2.00  Heels // $9.99
Necklace // $1.99

Blazer // $7.99  Short sleeve shirt // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99 Heels // $9.99 Necklace // $3.50

Jacket // $11.99  Tank top // $3.00  Skirt // $5.99  Ballet Flats // $5.00

All of the items in the outfits above were thrifted from local thrift shops and each outfit is under $50! 

Thrift Smart: Checking thrift stores when on the hunt to create a business-friendly wardrobe, is a great place to start. Why? Quite often it's the first type of clothing people tend to donate. Thrift stores are filled with collared shirts, button-up blouses, formal slacks and fitted blazers. Scour the racks and see what is available before you go and drop big bucks on expensive suits and shirts.  

Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving !!

I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

I hope you all had a great long weekend, filled with friends, family, love, laughs & delicious food!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather & give thanks!!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good Luck Under A Buck

Porcelain Elephant // $0.99

Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating and unbelievable of all animals also happens to be the largest of all living land mammals ~ better known as the African elephant. 

There are two main species of elephants that inhabit our planet: the Asian elephant and the African elephant and for centuries these gentle giants have been admired for their sheer size and surprisingly bright intelligence. 

With the largest brain of any mammal in the animal kingdom, weighing in at 5 kg, elephants are capable of quickly learning new task and behaviours, developing the ability to use tools and can even express complex emotions such as joy, anger, grief, compassion and sadness. 

An elephant's most useful tool is it's trunk, with over 100,000 muscles an elephant's trunk is incredibly strong, yet remarkably precise. An elephant's trunk can be used as a shower, a fly swatter, or a snorkel and will often be used to pull out trees, pick up tiny objects, drink, shower, comfort a friend and even paint pictures!  

More Reasons To Love Elephants...

~ Self-Awareness: Elephants are one of the only species in the animal kingdom that recognize the reflection of themselves in a mirror!

~ Gentle Giants: Elephants are known to be altruistic in nature, putting them self at risk to help another elephant or other animal, even a person in some cases, escape danger!   

~ Build in Air Conditioners: An elephants large ears act as useful fans to help keep them cool and regulate their body temperature!

~ Good Fortune: For centuries elephants have been associated with good luck, prosperity & wisdom!


For years I have been collecting elephants, and I get especially excited when I find ones with their trunks pointed up!

I was happy when I found this guy while thrifting, my ounce of good luck for the day :) 

Thrift Smart: Thrift stores offer unique opportunities for collectors to find long lost pieces to add to their collections!