Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Guilty Pleasure

If I allowed myself to give into the temptation to thrift each and every time an had an itch to do so, I'd be drowning in second-hand apparel and accessories and... well I'd be broke! 

However, when I find that my urge to thrift is supported by that intuitive feeling that screams "you'll be sorry you didn't go", I usually cave and stop in for a quick visit!

Lesson of the day: Always trust a (thrfiting) women's intuition!

Purse // $5.99 Sunglasses // $1.99 Elephant // $2.00
Thrifted from: Value Village

Found a little bit of everything I love on today's thrifting haul, which was very exciting since there really is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses, side purses or good luck elephants! 

I love the tweed-like material of this vintage Italian purse and the delicate gold detailing in the toggle clasps added the perfect amount of elegance to it. 

Picked up these Ray-Ban inspired sunnies, which are quite groovy considering they are probably older than me. After a serious cleaning they were good as gold!

Brass elephant with its trunk up! Lucky Me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend ~ Happy Tuesday!

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