Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Soft Finds for Fall

Aerie // $3.99   Zara // $5.49
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

I visited one of my favourite thrift destinations today, Talize, a popular thrift store that is well known for their clean atmosphere and customer-friendly thrift experience! 

They have basically removed every undesirable aspect about shopping at thrift stores!

The store is divided into different departments: children's, women's, men's, home, electronics, ect... 
From there each department is organized into categories such as pants, skirts, short-sleeve blouses, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, you name it! Clearly labelled and easy to find!

To top it all off, each category is organized into each size: XS, S, M, L, XL and to go one step further they have even colour-corrodinated everything. Really, what more could you ask for? One step further and you'd find yourself in an actual department store.

You can only imagine my candid delight when I am able to waltz into a thrift store and easily locate just what I am hoping to find: nude sweaters, in exactly my size! I live for all things soft n' sheer and was so happy to add this knitted sweater and cashmere shirt to my fall collection. Yes, that's right... I said cashmere :) 

If you haven't visit Talize, I highly recommend you stop by and check it out! Especially if the reason you avoid thrift stores in the first place is because you just don't have a chance in hell at finding anything that fits you!

Check it out, you can thank me later!
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