Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Real Deal

Gucci purse // $10
Thrifted from: Chez Nous 

In mint condition, this chocolate brown, over-the-shoulder number is the perfect example of what you can find in a thrift store with a little persistence and an ounce of wishful thinking! 

 Not to mention... large enough to fit all my necessities & small enough to fit delicately under my arm. 
Practical and chic!

I literally jumped with joy when I found her tucked away underneath some randomly discarded goodies... my diamond in the rough!

Thrift Smart: Don't hesitate! If you see something you like, don't think twice! With dozens of trendy thrifters out there and the rate at which most thrifts shops update their racks, chances are you won't find the same thing the second time around. Worst case scenario, you wear it until the love fades and turn around and give back - donate!

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