Saturday, 8 December 2012

Insta - Thrift!

Happy Saturday!
Ever since I discovered the Instagram app, I've been compulsively addicted to taking pictures of everything and anything that inspires me or simply makes me smile :)

Here's some snap shots from over the past few months - strictly thrifted!

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Gucci Purse ~ every gal needs at least one oversized tote! Swooned over this find!
 Neck Rest Pillow ~ travel in comfort & in style!
Keychain Candy ~ For my love of cute animals, four leaf clovers & turquoise :)
Silk Tank ~ Zebra print pattern & pretty pleats!
Scarf ~ My all time favourite print! A pop of leopard in a scarf, belt 
or cute pair of flats instantly adds jazz to any outfit!
Colourful, Asian-Inspired Vases ~ getting my Feng Shui on!

It's been such a busy past few weeks for me & I am certain many of you can relate! With Christmas around the corner and the year coming to an end - there seems to be tons of loose ends to tie up.

 I started Christmas shopping the other day and slowly checking names off my list one by one sure feels good! I am beyond exciting to announce that by the end of the week I will officially be a college graduate - woohoo!! I do promise that as soon as I reclaim my life back I will be back at it hard, making time to visit my favorite thrift shops and sharing my fun finds with all of you beautiful people!

Thanks Everyone ~ Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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