Friday, 25 January 2013

Bon Voyage!

Today my mom boards her flight bound for the sunny and sandy beaches of Holguin, Cuba & I wish more than anything that I was tagging along with her!
Although I can't be there in person I will at least be there in spirit, thanks to the goodies I thrifted for her to take away with her on her vacation!

   Assorted Scarves // $1.99 - 4.99   Sun hat // not thrifted   Vintage clutch // $3.99   Beach Bag // $3.00

Oversized scarves in bright punches of colour are easy to pack and very versatile making them a travel essential. Scarves can easily go from day to night - serving as a fun bathing suit cover-up or a tube top during the day and thrown over a cute dress to jazz up an evening out! 

Suitcase -check! Carry-on -check! Beach bag -check! Evening purses -check!
Bags to cover all the bases...

Extra large sun hat for much-needed protection & because hats that make you feel like a movie star incognito are necessary too!

Wishing my mum, grandma & everyone else lucky enough to escape the chilly weather lots of sunshine and safe travels! 

Thrift Tip: Always remeber to make thrift shops your number one stops when searching for out-of-season items!

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