Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Soft Finds for Fall

Aerie // $3.99   Zara // $5.49
Thrifted from: Talize Thrift Store

I visited one of my favourite thrift destinations today, Talize, a popular thrift store that is well known for their clean atmosphere and customer-friendly thrift experience! 

They have basically removed every undesirable aspect about shopping at thrift stores!

The store is divided into different departments: children's, women's, men's, home, electronics, ect... 
From there each department is organized into categories such as pants, skirts, short-sleeve blouses, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, you name it! Clearly labelled and easy to find!

To top it all off, each category is organized into each size: XS, S, M, L, XL and to go one step further they have even colour-corrodinated everything. Really, what more could you ask for? One step further and you'd find yourself in an actual department store.

You can only imagine my candid delight when I am able to waltz into a thrift store and easily locate just what I am hoping to find: nude sweaters, in exactly my size! I live for all things soft n' sheer and was so happy to add this knitted sweater and cashmere shirt to my fall collection. Yes, that's right... I said cashmere :) 

If you haven't visit Talize, I highly recommend you stop by and check it out! Especially if the reason you avoid thrift stores in the first place is because you just don't have a chance in hell at finding anything that fits you!

Check it out, you can thank me later!
For information visit:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Red Hot Find

Genuine Leather // $4.99
Thrifted from: The Salvation Army - Thrift Shop

Ruby Red. Suede Leather. Brand New... Need I say more! 

Tried my luck at a shop I had been foolishly avoiding for years... and on my first visit I swoooned over this groovy side purse!

Thrift Smart: Yet again the saying holds true - never judge a book by the cover! The same can be said about thrift stores. You must go inside and check each one out before deciding that the dilapidated exterior and remote location  are not worth a return visit.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Real Deal

Gucci purse // $10
Thrifted from: Chez Nous 

In mint condition, this chocolate brown, over-the-shoulder number is the perfect example of what you can find in a thrift store with a little persistence and an ounce of wishful thinking! 

 Not to mention... large enough to fit all my necessities & small enough to fit delicately under my arm. 
Practical and chic!

I literally jumped with joy when I found her tucked away underneath some randomly discarded goodies... my diamond in the rough!

Thrift Smart: Don't hesitate! If you see something you like, don't think twice! With dozens of trendy thrifters out there and the rate at which most thrifts shops update their racks, chances are you won't find the same thing the second time around. Worst case scenario, you wear it until the love fades and turn around and give back - donate!

Once Upon A Thrift

One's trash is another's treasure! 

An old saying, with a relevant meaning. Now a days, the tried and true expression may just have more relevance than ever before... given today's tough economy, getting more bang for your buck just makes plain "cents"! Sure, you can cut coupons or spend your days pinching pennies, but the real answer lies tucked away in an old attic or vintage storefront, just waiting to be discovered!

Let me start by saying that being a student has two sides to it! On the one hand, it's often a life changing experience that allows room for personal and professional growth and opens many windows of opportunity! Sounds perfect, right? Until the dreadful reality of watching your bank account slowly wither away sets in! Alas, nothing great can be achieved without unwarranted sacrifice. With that in mind I was willing to make some compromises in order to afford to shoot for the stars, but com'on now... could things such as my wardrobe really afford to suffer?? This type of dilemma called for some immediate action!

Several months ago in search of a solution to help me to balance my budget, while continuing to fuel my passion for all things fashion, I stumbled in the wonderful world of thrifting! Now I know what some of you are thinking... or should I say picturing! Erase that image of a dingy, musk-smelling black hole from your mind right now - thrift stores have come a long way! How might you ask can a girl easily go from designer duds and expensive accessories to adopting second-hand style? Simple. All it takes is a little patience and a good eye! 

I created this blog for fashionistas and bargain-hunters alike & as a way for me to showcase all of the special treasures that I find on my adventures. I hope this blog will inspire people just like yourself to get out there and explore... you never know what you'll find until you look! You never know how much you're paying until you realize what you've saved! 

All the world needs is more peace, love and people who live to thrift :) Enjoy your visit!