Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gift Giving!

Happy Boxing Day!!

Wishing all my readers a special day filled with fun, family, cheer and holiday joy!!

Hope you all had a safe and beautiful Christmas Day!! 
Gift Plate // $1.99
Thrifted from: Value Village

Sharing and giving to others is exactly what this holly jolly holiday is all about! Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don't cost a fortune but instead come from the heart 

Found this beautiful Christmas plate at the thrift store & decided to use it to create a yummy platter of homemade ginger cookies to gift to a relatives that drop by for a traditional Boxing Day visit!

This plate was decorated with a cute festive message... 

"This plate will keep on giving with a little help from you.. Enjoy these treats and fill the plate and give it to someone new!"

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tis' the Season!

Happy Holidays!!

This time of the year is always my favourite! Although I'm a big fan of warm weather and swimming pools, I just can't help but get wrapped up in all the festive cheer and holly jolly Christmas tunes!

One of the best things about the winter season is all the cozy, oversized layers that this weather calls for! This time of the year, thrift stores are busting at the seams with season-friendly sweaters in every size and shade imaginable! 
Even though many of us drop by these thrifty locations in search of the classic "ugly" Christmas sweater to dawn to this year's holiday bash... Hidden among these tacky fashion atrocities are some super cute, ultra comfy knits that will keep you comfy and chic this season! 

My thrifting adventure this week was dedicated to strictly picking up last minute items to wrap up my Christmas shopping, like Christmas tins for homemade treats & old stockings to wrap up wine bottles. However, my addiction to all things knit is what lead me get sidetracked and before I knew it I was browsing through the seasonal sweater rack, where I found these two groovy pieces! 
 You can never have to many beige sweaters! I loved the pattern down the front on this sweater and I loved how it was carried halfway down the sleeves as well. Considering the sweater is two sizes too big, it is surprisingly fitted and looks fabulous of a good pair of skinny jeans!

I don't have many items in my closet that are red and I definitely do not own anything with snowflakes on it! Two good reasons to justify the purchase of this sweater! Plus it is not every day that you thrift white sweaters that are still white!
Knit Sweater // $3.99 - 5.99
Thrifted from: Talize

Drop by your local thrift shop and take a look at the large assortment of Christmas sweaters! If the last thing you need in your winter wardrobe is another sweater - grab a few that you never wear and consider donating them! 

Tis' the season :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Insta - Thrift!

Happy Saturday!
Ever since I discovered the Instagram app, I've been compulsively addicted to taking pictures of everything and anything that inspires me or simply makes me smile :)

Here's some snap shots from over the past few months - strictly thrifted!

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Gucci Purse ~ every gal needs at least one oversized tote! Swooned over this find!
 Neck Rest Pillow ~ travel in comfort & in style!
Keychain Candy ~ For my love of cute animals, four leaf clovers & turquoise :)
Silk Tank ~ Zebra print pattern & pretty pleats!
Scarf ~ My all time favourite print! A pop of leopard in a scarf, belt 
or cute pair of flats instantly adds jazz to any outfit!
Colourful, Asian-Inspired Vases ~ getting my Feng Shui on!

It's been such a busy past few weeks for me & I am certain many of you can relate! With Christmas around the corner and the year coming to an end - there seems to be tons of loose ends to tie up.

 I started Christmas shopping the other day and slowly checking names off my list one by one sure feels good! I am beyond exciting to announce that by the end of the week I will officially be a college graduate - woohoo!! I do promise that as soon as I reclaim my life back I will be back at it hard, making time to visit my favorite thrift shops and sharing my fun finds with all of you beautiful people!

Thanks Everyone ~ Have a wonderful weekend! xx